In 2023, both TEPPEN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2023, the ultimate league battle
for players who have excelled in past global tourneys,
where players compete for the right to take part in TEPPEN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2024, were held.

We would like to thank the participants in the tourneys,
and all of the TEPPEN fans who watched the tourneys.

In addition to these tourneys, we have also held the TEPPEN AWARD 2023,
where we recognized the top players who achieved stellar results in TEPPEN this year,
as well as those who contributed to the excitement of TEPPEN in 2023!

Award Ceremony

Viewer Presents

We've also prepared presents for everyone who views the TEPPEN AWARD 2023 ceremony.
Check out the video to see how you can receive them!

"Guaranteed Secret Pack 2023" Ticket

With this ticket, you can open a special card pack that contains nothing but Secret Cards!

You can also obtain this ticket by purchasing the "AWARD JEWEL SET 2023", which is on sale for a limited time in the TEPPEN shop.

  • * The cards listed above are a part of the lineup.
  • * To view the lineup in-game, please go to the "View Card Pack" Screen, then select "Check Cards" for "Guaranteed Secret Pack 2023".
  • * Please check in-game for item details.

Cautionary Notes

  • * The player names used during the award ceremony may be subject to change based on past history and other factors in accordance with our Terms of Service. Please take note of this and thank you for your understanding.
  • * The contents of this page are subject to change without prior notice. Please be aware of this.