The top 20 players who collect the most Tour Points
from our regularly held Ranked Matches will earn
an entry to the WC2020 final tournament.
This will span the course of a few months,
requiring diligence and perseverance to place well
in the monthly tourneys.

Top Players with Tour Points

Rank Name Points
1 ぽわっと 228
2 勝ちます 183
3 ホッケイ 182
4 大黒屋 167
5 カメさん 167
6 蒲公英騎士 166
7 アース 163
8 Ryuuzu 158
9 8 156
10 木霊 148
11 Sora 147
12 SWAG*戦人 145
13 モのクろ 141
14 チンパンジーおっすおっす 140
15 水銀燈 136
16 stranger 136
17 Blackout 135
18 ナリカワ 134
19 ころ 130
20 舞うは嵐奏でるは災禍の調 129
21 129
22 KyleP 128
23 メリンダグロス 126
24 もりー 126
25 皮膚呼吸 114
26 ひじき 112
27 ちー 111
28 界隈きっての清純派 110
29 シオン・グレイジョイ 106
30 NR*kaka 102

*Ranking Place, Player Name, and total amount of Tour Points as of Oct. 11.

What are Tour Points

Tour Points are accumulative points obtained through Ranked Match rewards.

Earn enough Tour Points to improve your ranking place! Increase your rank enough and you could win an entry to the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Aim to be the best in the world, obtaining as many Tour Points as possible!


The following rewards will be distributed based on total Tour Points ranking place.
1st - 20th Entry to the final tournament

*Tour Points that will affect your entry into the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 can only be obtained from Ranked Matches between January 2020 and September 2020.

*In the event that a person eligible to participate in the final tournament declines their participation, their entry right will be transferred to the next highest-ranking player.

*Those who acquired rights to enter the final tournament as well as those who may acquire rights to enter the tournament will be notified by an in-game message. Please respond by the specified date to let us know whether you will participate.

*Failure to respond by the specified date will be considered a withdrawal from the tournament.

*Tour Points are reset in the following year.

How to obtain Tour Points

Obtain Tour Points through the Ranking rewards of the monthly Ranked Match.

Climb through Ranked Matches and reach Champion Rank to join in the Rankings!

Receive the following amount of Tour Points through Ranking rewards based off of your final ranking place at the end of each Ranked Match season.

Ranking Place Tour Points Rewards
1st 30pt
2nd and 3rd 26pt
4th – 6th 23pt
7th – 10th 20pt
11th – 15th 18pt
16th – 20th 16pt
21st – 30th 14pt
31st – 50th 12pt
51st – 100th 10pt
101 – 200 8pt
201 – 500 6pt
501 – 1000 4pt
1001 – 3000 2pt
3001 – 5000 1pt

*Tour Points that will affect your entry into the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 can only be obtained from Ranked Matches between January 2020 and September 2020.

*Tour Points will be received once the Ranked Match season finishes and final ranking places are finalized.

How to view Tour Points

View the amount of Tour Points you currently have by going to Home Screen → Other → Player Info.

Tour Points Rankings

View the top 100 players with the most Tour Points by going to Home Screen → Other → Rankings → Tour Points.

*Rankings will not be visible while Tour Points are being calculated.

*In the case of ties in Tour Points, different factors will determine the final ranking such as the highest place achieved in the previous Ranked Match.

*Please be aware that the contents of this page are subject to change without prior notice.